About the band

Noční pták is a new music project of Luboš Fidler and Zdeněk Konopásek.

Luboš Fidler is one of the most important and uncompromising performers of the Czech alternative scene. As a bass/acoustic guitar player, he was founding member of alternative rock groups of 1970s and 80s, such as Stehlík or Švehlík, he played with MCH Band, Kilhets etc. In early 1980s he was involved in the minimalist-experimental trio Janota-Fidler-Richter (together with Oldřich Janota and Pavel Richter). Later on, he participated with his interactive sound installations in the Petr Nikl's project Orbis Pictus or.... He has also composed and performed music for theatre (Faidra, directed by Viktorie Čermáková). Fidler currently continues collaborating with Oldřich Janota as well as with other alternative musicians.

Zdeněk Konopásek was drummer of the early and late 1980s band Dvouletá fáma. Later on he played, e.g., in the Dr. Konopný Quartet (together with Joe Karafiát, Jan Štolba and Radomil Uhlíř) and also collaborated with Oldřich Janota. Currently he is involved in theatrical-musical performances of Divadlo Vizita (Jaroslav Dušek) and also plays drums in the Široko-daleko [Near and far] musical ensemble. For more see http://zdenek.konopasek.net.

The two players, Fidler and Konopásek, started playing together as a duo under the title Noční pták [Nightbird] in 2011. Their music is sometimes wild and raw, sometimes gentle and fragile, partly composed and partly improvised. Songs with reduced, sometimes absurd lyrics mingle with free playing.