Self-made instruments and sound devices
drum set
bass & electric guitars
lyrics and vocals (used to be)
drum and cymbal se

ŠTĚPÁN PEČÍRKA (eternal guest)
voice, lyrics, bass guitar


Digital album "Prach" [Dust], was released May 27, 2024 by the label Polí5

In 2023, Noční pták [Nightbird] flapped its wings again at summer sessions in Albeř. During this flap of the wing, public performance took place on August 5, (see video created by Kryštof Zika and, two days later, a non-public recording session was organized, with the ambition to elaborate on the themes and ideas brought about on the preceding fully improvised concert. The result is the album PRACH/DUST.

+ + +

Our new digital album "Jsem zdráv a daří se mně dobře" [I am healthy and things are going well] has been released on May 7th 2021 by the label Polí5

The phrase “I am healthy and things are going well” was pre-printed in all languages of Austrian-Hungarian monarchy on postcards sent by soldiers from the trenches of the First World War. This album can be understood as a flare fired from the trenches in which we have been for more than a year in 2020-21.

The album “I am healthy and things are going well” is based on live recordings from rehearsals and home concert that took place in summer 2019. These recordings were revisited and reworked into original compositions by Luboš Fidler in early 2021.